Thursday, October 6, 2011

Do we really need to know the sex?

Over my 24 years listening to people having babies it's interesting to see where the trends go for finding out the sex. Before we could find out mothers still bonded with their unborn and dad's bonded when the little one came out looking like him. Now that's what we hear, oh technology helps us bond. As we we can pick baby clothes and colours! I don't remember feeling any sense of lack not knowing. However as i was growing my first baby my priorities were on the building blocks of life: NUTRITION! I would just like to raise a few points perhaps new parents have not yet thought of. First i believe as the research states, ultrasound should be used sparingly and only for diagnostic treatment. So if there is a problem. How many times over the years have i seen people told: the baby is too big, too small, too much water, not enough water, and other odd ones like 'he has a long femur - could be a problem. These are guesses, however when the technology guesses we are stuck with something needing to be done. Most of the time this causes unneccessary stress to mothers for absolutly no reason. Ultrasound as well has been linked to speech problems and hearing issues. These frequencies are alot to hit the unborn with. Of course medicine was created to find a problem, that's what we pay them for, but do we need to look for problems where none exist? Next is the issue of overconsumerism. More money will be spent on either pink or blue when we know the sex and after all doesn't everyone get TOOO many baby outfits? YES. Then what about the issue of preference. I had one mom tell me that when she found out she was having a girl she felt like she had let her husband down. After all he really wanted a boy. To which i say after labour and baby in arms neither of you care! I also have seen mistakes. Which makes mothers at once angry and grieving for the son/daughter they thought they were having. This is still a loss. So as you can see i believe this, very large surprise, the biggest life has is worth it. I can remember very clearly 22 years later, my husbands words " oh honey, you got your little girl" as i sit her now with tears of joy for that moment there is no technology that can compare to that one simple memory.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I have had a business in Maple Ridge now for some years. I have a baby store but my specialty is education and keeping families healthy.
I have over the last little while being doing an informal survey of those who take my classes, walk in the store and attend my baby groups.
My question? What do you know about smart meters and what do you think? I have found some interesting information.
Among those in my age group 40 to 65 years, they do have some knowledge and have been unanimously against smart meters with stories
of contemporaries or relatives who were convinced health problems and brain tumours had come as a result of radiofrequency radiation. (Specifically
those who have worked in the industry).
Among my clients who are new parents they generally speaking know very little in any respect. Even some clients who work for BC Hydro will
Start by giving the usual jargon and company line. But when I ask them if they agree with what I have learned, even they agree and are against smart meters.
So here is what I have learned and I encourage all of you to do the same.

1) BC Hydro seems to think we live in a dictatorship instead of a democracy. They have decided to spend the taxpayers $930 million dollars on smart
meters whether we like it or not.
2) Financially the only gain will be the company that sells smart meters, after all BC Hydro has started lay offs in this province and there is plenty more
coming. Well I would like them to keep BC jobs with that $930 mil and stop laying off BC Workers!
3) Thousands of people, Dr’s engineers, scientists and organizations ALL OVER THE PLANET are concerned about our health. Sure we can’t run out
and throw out all of our computers, cell phones and all. But what’s in it for the average joe to have a smart meter? Nothing. And the frequency
increase with a smart meter is a chance I am not willing to take. I don’t have stock in the company that makes smart meters, maybe you do.
4) BC Hydro and anyone else for that matter will know when you get up to go pee in the night and take a look in the fridge. The out and out invasion of
privacy is astounding.
So this is my plea then, fellow citizens. Stand up and be counted, have your say and don’t feel powerless. I have sent my registered letter to BC Hydro
This morning and I urge you to do the same. When thousands of registered letters show up we WILL be heard. INFORMATION SESSION AT THE BIRTHPLACE SEPT 30 NOON